Thank you for accessing the ElectionDesk website and your interest in this product.

We are sorry to share that the Voting Information Project (VIP) will be permanently shutting down ElectionDesk as of June 1, 2015 and is no longer accepting sign-ups. The goal of ElectionDesk has always been to provide election officials the ability to respond to voters issues, concerns, or problems when they occur in their state or locality. Unfortunately, after multiple revisions based on great feedback from our users, ElectionDesk still lacks the critical ability to locate where issues are occurring due to the general lack of geographical information on social media posts.

If you have an active account, you should have already received an email from our team with information on the process for the site closure. Thank you for trying it out. Any questions or concerns can be submitted here.

After June 1, 2015, this page will redirect to the VIP homepage. There, you will be able to find additional information about this project and the other core efforts of VIP. The source code for ElectionDesk will remain available on the Voting Information Project GitHub Repository, should anyone want to build on the work.

Thank you for your interest in the project and your support.